Kreuzpfadfinderbund - Who is that?

You haven't yet heard anything about us and ask yourself who we are and what we do? No problem!

The Kreuzpfadfinderbund Wuppertal is a local scout group in Wuppertal which exists since 1961. Founded by four friends, we now have about 180 members who split into different groups. The weekly group meetings consist of a mixed program. On the one hand we teach the necessary scout knowledge, e.g. how to put up a tent, how to behave in nature or how to make fire. On the other hand a huge part of the meetings consisits of group-games, sport activities and also handicrafting. Our groups meet in rooms of the catholic and the protestant church as well.

Of course we do also various activities, e.g. our yearly Whitsun-camp, weekend trips, in Summer 3 week trips abroad, (this year to Slovakia) sport activities and many more.

To get a visual impression of our work, visit our photo presentation!

If you are interested or if you have questions, just send us an e-mail to

Some of our goals

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