Events with other Scouts in Wuppertal


As in the last years we will have some activities in 2008 which we will do in cooperation with other scouts in Wuppertal (Called ZaPf, which is an abbreviation for 'Cooperation of all scouts'). At the weekend of august 29-31 we will take part in the NRW-Day together, an event which celebrates the Birthday of North Rhine-Westphalia and takes place in different cities - 2008 it takes place in Wuppertal and we will offer e.g. some games for children.

At the weekend of november 21-23 we will have a music-weekend, which means we rent a house somewhere near wuppertal, meet for a weekend and play guitar, sing, and have fun.

We hope that we will have also some international contact in 2008.
Entered by Stefan
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